Triumph of the Afghanistan Sandwich

The home grown Plot of Public Pirates

we take these words of agro terror

we shuffle their waterbourne sickness wave

Fear Enriched, Nuclear Car Bomb words

they now Breach the Threat and Standoff against

Nationalist Recruitment Lightening,

just look at this Twister list of Conventional Weapons

just look at the menu of Shots Fired through history,

the National Preparedness

North Korean and Nigerian

Pakistan Pasta

or the Iraq Iran tasting plate,

Afghanistan Sandwich

Somalia Salad

Mexico Melting Pot

Southwest Border Violence

made of a thick line of Cocaine Narcotics

the same white lines all over the Guzman Globe.

Wildfire, Forest Fire. Emergency Avalanche,

it’s a Tsunami of phrases.

Power Outage.

Social Media square zero point zero one

words grow from trees on the Crest,

and the word Hezbollah can be beautiful, beautiful again.

Intern Robin’s Poem

When you post on Twitter about al-Qa’ida
Or a Nuclear Threat in North Korea,
The FBI, the CIA,
The ATF, the TSA
The DHS, the DEA,
Will all make sure that you’re okay.
If you just use a Social Network to talk about the Flu
They will check on you.
You might be a Threat,
You might cause a Riot.
So better be quiet,
Or the Authorities
Call for a State of Emergency,
And arrest you for insurgency.
When you Exercise your right,
To let all your friends know,
About that “Incident” last night,
In a bathroom in San Diego,
Or your Home Grown Tomato,
They might sent the Nato,
With a SWAT team and a Bomb Squad.
Because they use these words to check that this nation,
Is not attacked by Pakistani Pirates, Mexican Malware, or Nuclear Nigerians,